St. Norbert, Minister of Peace 5.5″ Wood Carved Statue


Specially designed and commissioned by the Sisters, this Italian wood carved statue portrays St. Norbert the peacemaker, holding an olive branch and an open Bible, calling to mind the words that he heard at the time of his conversion: “Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it (Ps 34:14).” As the early account of his life relates, following his marvelous conversion by God St. Norbert became a light of prayer and contemplation, and a restorer of peace and concord. 5.5″.


Although St. Norbert is most often depicted holding a monstrance, this statue is inspired by one of the earliest known depictions of St. Norbert, a fresco in Orvieto that shows him holding the Sacred Scriptures. Several of the invocations in the Litany of St. Norbert highlight his ministry of peace-making and reconciling warring factions.

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