St. Monica 6″ Statue


Specially commissioned and designed by the Sisters, this statue of St. Monica, the patron saint of Mothers, Wives and Widows, and the mother of St. Augustine, whose Rule all Norbertines follow, is hand-carved from wood and imported from Italy. 6″.

Available also in 8″ (see here).

* Please allow up to approximately 4-6 weeks for shipping.

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After years of unceasing prayer, fasting, sacrifices and tears, Our Lord granted St. Monica’s requests, with the grace of her husband’s conversion followed by that of her son, St. Augustine, who became a Bishop, Doctor of the Church, author of our Holy Rule, and one of the most influential saints in the history of the Catholic Church. The tears in her eyes and handkerchief in her hand call to mind St. Ambrose’s consoling words to her, “Surely the son of so many tears will not perish,” while the book represents St. Augustine’s declaration in his Confessions that St. Monica was not only his mother, but “the source of his Christianity.” St. Monica’s feast day is August 27th, the day before that of her son, St. Augustine.

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