Anticimenon: On the Unity of the Faith and the Controversies with the Greeks


Anticimenon presents the first English translation of what is “both the outstanding medieval work on ecumenical dialogue with the Orthodox and one of the period’s most important explorations of the theology of history,” written by one of St. Norbert’s closest companions, the Norbertine bishop Anselm of Havelberg. The first book is comprised of a treatise on the theology of history using the distinctive Premonstratensian image of the eagle, explaining the place of the various religious Orders within the Church, while the other two books recount two dialogues he held with Greek theologians about the Filioque and differences in the Eucharistic Rites of the East and West while on a diplomatic mission to Constantinople in 1135. Throughout, Anselm’s concern for the unity of the Church shines forth. Translated by Ambrose Criste, O.Praem. and Carol Neel.

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